Our Whipped Body Butters and sugar scrubs are formulated to nourish, soothe, and give your skin a natural glow.


Lux Butter


What are our customers saying?

I use it on my whole body. Skin still be soft when it's time to hit the shower at the end of the day🥰 and I have very dry skin. 


This body butter is BOMB!!! Literally my summer scent. I'll be ordering another one soon! 


I got Happiness & It's the best thing ever lol


OMG, this Lux Butter 😍 The littlest amount goes such a long way! My hands feel so smoooooth! & The smell is so refreshing! Thank you so much I love it & will be purchasing more! 


So I got a gift card to Sephora and I never shop there. I bought a shea butter and absolutely hate it compared to Lux Butter. 


Lux Butter cleared my daughters skin in one week. She scratched one side really bad and its almost completely healed. 


OMG! You have a forever customer. I love the smell of the butters and how they make my skin feel. 


 Prior to Lux Butter I never used shea butter, but I never felt my skin being super moisturized & having a glow. I usually would mix baby oil & lotion to get that glow. But ever since Lux I never have to blink twice at my lotion. I lather my legs & body & I'm always glowing. I definitely recommend becoming a Lux girl!